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Jason Liu: +86-18927230580 

Luna Chen: +86-13435410488 

Fax: +86-0757-86785920 

2019 GuangZhou?International Shoes Machinery Material Leather Industry Fair



       The Guangzhou International Shoe Material Machinery Leather fair will be held from May 28-31th 2019

  at Poly World Trade Center  in Guangzhou. The exhibition is for the shoe machinery industry.  We hereby sincerely

 invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth in Hall 1-0711. 


       Ruizhou Technology Co., Ltd., specializes in the development and application of digital cutting plotter and related

CAD/CAM software for such industries as footwear, garments, suitcases & bags, lamps and autos. Located in Foshan City,

China, our company is a high-tech enterprise which integrates the development, manufacture and marketing & sales

of flat computerized cutting plotter and related mechanical-electrical products. 


   It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition. 


      2019 GuangZhou International Shoes Machinery Material Leather Industry Fair

      Time: May 28 - May 31, 2019

      Address: Poly World Trade Center (Pazhou,Guangzhou,China)

      Booth: in Hall 1-0711

      Contact:  Jason Liu: +86-18927230580   Luna Chen: +86-13435410488    

    Tony Cao: +86-18666567577    Armin Feng: +86-13074299781




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Add:102, 1/F, A5 Building, Hantian Science Park, Guiping Rd. 
Guicheng, Nanhai, Foshan, 528200, Guangdong, China
Jason Liu: +86-18927230580    Jason@ruizhou.com.cn
Luna Chen: +86-13435410488  sales01@ruizhou.com.cn
Tel:+86-0757-86778345          Fax: +86-0757-86785920